The Execution of Ted Bundy

inside the execution chamber
a stocky warden
poker-faced and middle-aged
the medieval ritual
with words of cold indifference
addressed towards
Ted’s emotionally dead
but terrified head.

A warder
stands to one side
arms folded
as two others
begin to buckle
thick leather straps
around Bundy’s ankles
wrists and chest
to the chair.

No cold condolences
the electrodes
on top of his head
a black mask
covering his face
until the signal is given
a raised arm
to the executioner
hooded in black
who pushes a lever.

Bundy’s body arches
spasmodically convulses
tensely straining
the neck taut
head stretched back
blood oozing
from the nostrils
then slumps
and is pronounced dead.

The warders
remove the crown
and mask
unbuckle the straps
as the chamber empties
and the executioner
doffs the black hood
and is revealed
as a beautiful woman.

Early Days

Little boys
genetically designed
like toys
beguiled by fantasies
spontaneously play
improvised games
like actors
with imagined scripts
depicting violent scenes
as common themes
reflecting personalities
blooming slowly
in the park
at the bottom of the street.


Saturated meat
floating in a sea of melancholy
spite and olive oil.

the elegance of autocracy
‘Take the plate away’.

Discrete pleas
beneath a blasphemous sky
defeated by the heat.

Happiness postponed
by procrastination
and moments of hostility.

Condescension and contempt
between avenues of trees
and very old stones.

Anonymous Faces

by pedestrians you greet
on the other side of the street.

Faces you never see
born as ideas
inside someone else’s mind.

begin to defrost
pretentiously as themes.

Group discussions
expose egos
with borrowed quotations.

Points of view
compete with self-esteem
and dysfunctional genes.

Casino Nights

Clouds cover
the delicate pinks
clear and opalescent
of a blushing sky

Electric light
over avenues
of midnight trees

throwing dice

between themes
of obscure dreams

Passing time

for tender flesh

Barbecued pork

The curve
of a female form.