Casino Nights

Clouds cover
the delicate pinks
clear and opalescent
of a blushing sky

Electric light
over avenues
of midnight trees

throwing dice

between themes
of obscure dreams

Passing time

for tender flesh

Barbecued pork

The curve
of a female form.

Joy de Vivre

Rhapsodic moments
Sublimely rising
Blissfully blending
Piano notes
Exquisite, sweet
Rapturously surging
Precise and pure
Tumultuous as rain
Rippling, rolling
Thunderous drums
Effulgent, ecstatic
Crashing as crescendos
Rising and falling
Passionate sounds
Exultant, blissful
Harmonious melodies
Serene and sensuous
Tender as a kiss.


Questions curdle
Each disdainful day
A glowering cloud
The threat of rain
‘I won’t stay’
Pounding footsteps
Troughs of anguish
Wavering moments
Images of altercations
Concrete heads
‘Do your duty’
The pleasure of detesting
Chocolate cake
Flavoured with money
Resentful ripples
Washed up on rocks
Drowning sounds
Solemn and deep
Displaced contradictions
Slowly sinking
Shimmering as reflections
Disconcerted water birds
Echoes in the darkness
Clanging, banging
Bouncing balls
Dissolving memories
Misplaced optimism
In a vestibule
‘Stand still’.


Sweetly seductive
The twilight
Can I come in?
No need to worry
Frustrating moments
Tempting lies
Please don’t scream
I’ll be discrete
Caresses recollected
Old embraces
Bestiality and bathos
Fur instead of hair
Movements in a mirror
Time for breakfast
The appearance of a peach
Fried sentences
Scrambled words
Rhyming couplets
Tea and coffee
Contradictory conversations
Flee from open mouths.