Rearranged Days

inside a train
is the only sound
of life outside.

Along a road
a melody grows
through the countryside.

The river
wide and turgid
to a relentless rhythm.

a flute plays
between rays of sunshine
and whispering winds.

Every day
a symphony
rondo or intermezzo
lyrical and serene.

Clouds swell
in a darkening sky
to the rumble
of a sombre trombone.

listening to the rain
watch it slash
at the window panes.

Dealing with Demons

The slow slide of the sea
laps the sand
pauses, then slips back again.

Waves grow with the wind
changed by the currents
and tides that ebb and flow.

The personality of a dream
eyes designed to magnify
a palace where peacocks preen.

As the future flees
into the whimsy of the night
let’s celebrate this mournful day.

The truth is up for auction
to corporations, politicians
and religious denominations.

Reliable friends for hire
you need not stay
at home alone, unknown.

Occupational Therapy

Flirting with dreams
and myths
a fling with Aphrodite
so sexy in a bikini
lying on the sand
with ivory skin
finely formed arms
swelling breasts
slender waist
sumptuous buttocks
flaring hips
and convex belly
comely thighs on either side
with calves and feet
perfectly poised
the purity of nudity
for all eternity.

A Plea for Propriety

The pale gloat of dawn
A grove of trees
Faded derelicts
Without leaves
A tracery of branches
Bent and twisted
Shades of grey
On a grim, cold day.

Membranes of morality
Barely covering
Preludes to profanity
Contempt for coquetry
Evil minds online
Worshippers of perversity
On the dark side of the mind.