Complicity, Duplicity

Crowded clouds in a grubby sky
when yesterday died
by lonely ladies and manicured men
melancholy as cellos
soulfully hoping
with artificial equanimity
for the bliss of salvation.

Revelations and expectations
contradict predictions
resentfully expressed
that echo disrespect
incredulity and disbelief
and sink ignominiously
into the ubiquity
of disintegrating dreams.

Offensive is the concept
of imagined equality
when lucidity descends
into anonymity
antipathetic and decadent
and exploitation
contemptuously thrives
at meetings with monsters.


The sky was cobalt blue
where seagulls flew
or landed on damp sand
beside the sea
lapping back and forth
dissolving the footprints
of passing feet.

Dark filaments of weed
lay drying near tiny shells
and jelly fish blobs
below the lumpy beach
where bodies
of varying shapes
lay supine
and somnolent in the heat.

Dress Rehearsal

Depictions of depravity
and blissful beauty
were portrayed as murals
on the auditorium walls
where animated faces
on stage
mimed discontent
straining to remember lines
as parodies of pleasantries
through choreographed
repetitive steps
to the tinkle of piano notes
played by nimble fingers
in the orchestra pit.

The Emptiness of Entropy

Disinterested time
ticks apathetically
in the negativity of silence.

Cocooned inside rooms
on elongated days
without vanity or aspirations.

Momentary moods
between boredom
and the futility of hoping
for anything
other than storms
the loneliness of the night
and anonymity in the darkness.