Problems with Infinity

It’s not easy to see
the traitor’s smile
garnished with guile
or understand
the wish to wander
anonymous and indifferent
alone in a wilderness
without friends to forget
dimly perceiving
themes from scattered dreams
that flow as moments
through mists of ignorance
amid the detritus
cultures of unbelievable evil
breeding in stagnant pools.

A Menu of Emotions

The mortality of a moment
Sanctuary and silence
A paean to profundity
The solitude of secrecy
Serenity by the sea
The flavour of a phrase
Unctuous urbanity
Bouquets and blandishments
The flatulence of flattery
Ingratiating ways
The subtleties of sarcasm
Self-indulgent sophistry
Tirades and tantrums
Previews through peepholes
Evocations of evil
The genesis of genocide.

The Politicians You Meet

Prejudiced polemics
By posturing poltroons
Narcissistic nouns
Bellowing like bassoons
The sophistry of sycophancy
Bamboozling with bigotry
The rhetoric of ridicule
With fatuous phrases
Patronising platitudes
muddled malapropisms
the arrogance of irony
semantics and syllogisms
colloquial catalepsy
and the myth of contented bliss.

Filial Peccadilloes

Authentic pea soup
to end the day
with bouncing vowels
caresses and cold-cuts
festoons of furious flowers
the false front of reality
relics of disrespect
artificial allegiances
the duplicity of deceit
with gargoyles
as grimy faced angels
in the silence of each moment
for the incubation of insults
where old memories die
sighing in the wind
to the clamour of thunder
before ascending to oblivion.


Sliding glass doors
automatically open
Indians wearing sandals leave
a stout lady
strides purposefully inside
where patients solemnly sit
waiting patiently
next to maternity
along a corridor long and white
lit by artificial light
where a turbaned Sikh cradles a baby
and occasionally
when a name is called
someone leaves
to be cared for by doctors
aloof and civilized
computerized and sanitized
dispensed then dispersed
through the automatic doors.