Witch Hunt

To understand why so much money was wasted and so much time spent investigating nothing – we have to go back to the death throes of the Obama administration – when both Obama and Hillary Clinton were using private emails for classified government business – and for their own private business.
Hillary – you may remember – was the Secretary of State who gloated over the lynching of President Gaddafi of Libya by Al Qaeda terrorists.
Also – she allegedly authorised the use of Sarin gas in the campaign against Syria – so that President Assad could be blamed.
While Secretary of State she ignored pleas for help form Ambassador Stevens – who was under threat of attack at Benghazi – and President Obama stood down a rescue team of Navy Seals. Why do you think he did that? It has been alleged he and Hillary were smuggling weapons through Libya to ISIS in Qatar? In any event, Ambassador Steven was tortured and killed – along with his staff.
Hillary showed little trace of concern or compassion over the dreadful fate of Ambassador Stevens – and when questioned in Congress by Trey Gowdy about using private emails for classified government business – she denied doing so – despite evidence to the contrary. In other words – she lied.
Earlier, Bill Clinton had been paid an enormous sum to make a speech in Russia. Hillary followed up by arranging the sale of uranium 1 to Russia – in collaboration with Robert Muller – and the pedophile, John Podesta – to benefit them all – and the Clinton Foundation. Why would Hillary sell uranium 1 to the nation she hated and attacked at every opportunity? It seems even more inexplicable because uranium is used in the production of nuclear weapons – which presumably – according to Hillary’s philosophy of hate, would increase the threat of a Russian nuclear attack. Perhaps greed was the motive!
Hillary had powerful allies. James Comey – who was head of the FBI – wouldn’t charge her with using private emails for classified government business.
The Attorney General, Roberta Lynch, agreed with Comey and would not act against Hillary – after an interview with Bill Clinton. Andrew McCabe refused to hand over the FBI’s collection of Hillary’s private emails to Congress.
So Hillary – and Obama – got away with it.
Obama’s term was ending – but he couldn’t seem to believe it. His protege – Hillary – had lost the election – and couldn’t believe it either. Both set out to undermine Trump’s presidency by every means possible – so began the smear campaign.
It was a ridiculous witch-hunt – in which Hillary’s collaborator in the sale of uranium 1 – Robert Mueller – was appointed to conduct the enquiry about alleged Russian interference in the election election Hillary lost to Trump.
It was always a waste of time and money because there was never any interference – but that’s American politic – where nothing makes sense – and where incompetent liars can get away with murder. Even Mueller – who was appointed to dig up dirt – failed to do so.
Trump undoubtedly is a dreadful president – but to suggest he colluded with Russia is absurd – but that’s American politics in the theatre of the absurd – corrupt, hypocritical sanctimonious and evil. It makes no sense.

The Defeat of Democracy

The fake election campaign is in full swing in America. The democrats are polluting the polls with surveys and loaded questions. The surveys list benefits to tick approvingly – implying they represent policies – which of course they don’t. The loaded questions force responses that coincide with the Democratic party’s implied policies – but it is all smoke and mirrors.
We need to go back more than seventy years – to the end of WW2 – and the beginning of the cold war. Although the US forces under Eisenhower entered Berlin ahead of the Russians – the war was really won by Russia – which suffered greater casualties then the allies combined – yet at least one American General (Clay) wanted to attack Russia with his army. America was not opposed to Nazism – because it had a lot in common with capitalism.
The cold war began – and the US picked the Nazis it wanted to use back home – to conduct MKUltra experiments – and to create America’s space program – with help from Nazi rocket scientists – notably Wernher Von Braun.
There had been a plot to overthrow the government of FDR by American Nazis – that was revealed by General Smedley Butler to a committee – which did nothing. Allen Dulles and Prescott Bush had funded Hitler’s war machine from their Union Bank in New York – and after the war, Dulles became head of the CIA. Bush was elected senator and another Nazi – Averell Harriman – became US Ambassador to Russia. These Nazis gained control of the government after Dulles, J Edgar Hoover, LBJ and big oil – had JFK assassinated at Dallas. G H W Bush was photographed in Dallas on the day JFK was assassinated – but denied being there – so his involvement is unclear. He also denied being involved with the CIA during the Bay of Pigs fiasco.
The shadow government chose Harry Truman to take over after the death of FDR – rather than FDR’s vice -president – Henry Wallace. Truman, according to Webster Griffin Tarpley, became the first of the puppet presidents of Wall Street. He was selected by the shadow government – represented at some stage or another by the Trilateral Commission, Wall Street, the Bilderberg Group, Zionist Israel, Halliburton, big oil and the military/industrial complex.
Truman may have been told to drop the atomic bombs on civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He may also have been told to invade Korea – since he did so without approval from Congress.
The US deposed President Mossadegh in a coup, and took control of Iran’s oil – and Eisenhower set the template for future destabilisation by having Patrice Lumumba, the democratically elected socialist leader of the Congo, assassinated.
The Vietnam war began with a deliberate plan by the CIA to create a civil war between the north and south. There was no attempt to reconcile the south with the Communist north. The US installed a puppet regime in the south – brought in ‘advisers’ and tried unsuccessfully to create a South Vietnamese army capable of defeating the Viet Kong. More advisers arrived, then troops. Vietnamese civilians were bombarded with napalm – then the defoliant – Agent Orange. After Kissinger’s unsuccessful peace talks, and a hiatus, LBJ used a contrived incident in the Gulf of Tonkin as an excuse to re-invade – but eventually Ho Chi Minh’s forces forced the Americans to retreat in some confusion – ditching helicopters into the sea as they fled.
The malevolent Dr Brzezinski – National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter, and a prominent hawk – planned the invasion of Afghanistan – after first helping the Mujahideen defeat the Russians.
Ronald Reagan came to power with neoliberalism – further increasing the drift towards fascism in America – and in Britain under Thatcher. It was autocratic and divisive.
George H W Bush was involved with Oliver North in the importation of cocaine for guns – to help the Nicaraguan Contras. After Reagan – Bush attacked Saddam with the banned white phosphorus and depleted uranium to terrible effect against his tanks. Madeleine Albright authorised the use of sanctions that caused the death by starvation of half a million Iraqi civilians.
George W Bush planned 9/11 – and Colin Powell lied to the UN that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. The invasion of Iraq was illegal and brutal. Iraqis were tortured – sometimes to death – at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.
There were casualties among the vets – that the government refused to help or acknowledge. They suffered – not only PTSD after Desert Storm – but also from abdominal complications that the government did not deal wit4h or acknowledge. There were, as in any war, psychological and psychiatric side-effects that the government was not addressing – and the victims were not allowed to go public.
Bill Clinton was elected president after serving two terms as Governor of Arkansas. He seemed to be an ideal choice as a reformist – and he had the media on his side, The public didn’t know of his dubious links to Tyson Foods, his abuse of cocaine, and his womanising. Bill did nothing for the American people. He was president when his Secretary of State – Janet Reno – authorised the use of tanks and flame throwers at Waco – to incinerate the Branch Davidians in their compound. He also authorised the FBI to detonate their explosives inside the Federal Building at Oklahoma – casing the loss of many innocent lives – for which Timothy McVeigh was the patsy. His fertiliser bomb did little damage. Clinton destroyed the thriving socialist republic of Yugoslavia with NATO bombs – and helped create the Nazism (the Ustasha}in Croatia.
The two party system had been destroyed soon after WW2. Clinton was only a reformer during his election campaigns. He, like Nixon before him, was a pathological liar – but somehow the scandals didn’t stick to slick Willie – until Monica Lewinsky.
Obama was another democratic hopeful who looked the goods. He was duly elected and promised to bring the troops home from Afghanistan and revoke the Patriot Act. He did neither. In fact he closed down free speech in America. Whistle blowers were persecuted, prosecuted and sent to prison.
Obama was a fake. He was not born in Hawaii. He was born in Kenya. There is a monument there testifying to that. He was raised in Indonesia as a Muslim and taken to Hawaii by his prostitute mother – as an adolescent – where he was reputed to be gay – and a pathological liar – who used cocaine. His Hawaiian birth certificate was proved to be a forgery. In the US he used the social security of a dead Connecticut man. According to Webster Griffin Tarpley, Obama was groomed by Dr Brzezinski to be a puppet US president.
He was a fascist – not a reformer. He had a greater kill count then even the monstrous G H W Bush. He used NATO to devastate the prosperous nation of Libya because President Gaddafi intended to change currency away from the dollar. He had Gaddafi lynched by Al Qaeda terrorists – and left Libya a wasteland – where the slave trade now flourishes. Then he used the media to vilify President Assad of Syria as a tyrant. He recruited, equipped, trained and paid mercenaries – ISIS and Al Qaeda to slaughter Syrians – while bombing Aleppo to rubble. President Assad always had the support of all the Syrian people – for whom he provided free education and healthcare. It was never a civil war. Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State, authorised the use of Sarin gas – so that Assad could be blamed.
This is the new US form of warfare. It uses mercenaries to fight its battles –
to terrorise and kill civilians.
The US is totalitarianism pretending to be democratic. It controls the media. Opposition is not tolerated. Critics are silenced.
The US began the destruction of democracy immediately after WW2 by destroying the two party system. There has never been an opposition in American politics since then. it is like a huge corporation. Those elected to represent the people have betrayed the people by representing the oligarchs,
In Australia the opposition to the LCP conservatives was whittled away during the Hawk/Keating years. Now there is just the pretence of an opposition. Corporations that donated to the LCP – also donated to the opposition ALP – so the ALP became compromised – and owed allegiance to the corporations – instead of to the people who elected its representatives. Politics has been effectively corrupted – because without a genuine opposition to government there can be no democracy.


I can remember being surprised at the brutality of the Katzenjammer Kids comic strip – but it did epitomize an American love of the bizarre. Comedy routines back then varied from the slapstick of Charlie Chaplin to the cleverly ironic and droll of Jack Bennie and Phil Silvers. Chaplin was invariably about to be beaten by some huge lout. Jack Bennie was one of the great stand-up comedians who set himself up to be laughed at – with perfect timing.
Strange to say – two wonderful current American political satirists – Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp – in the great tradition of Bill Hicks – have been frozen out of the US media. You can go to YouTube and Wikipedia and get a list great American comedians but you won’t find a sign of Dore or Camp.
American enjoyed the give and take slapstick of Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and Costello – and the ultra-violent slapstick of the three stooges. Bing Crosby was the straight man to Bob Hope’s buffoonery. In real life Hope was not a buffon. He was a handler for MKUltra victims – a sort of glorified pimp – but was undoubtedly a fine stand-up comic in the tradition of Jack Bennie. Crosbie’s rival – Frank Sinatra – pimped girls for JFK and other politicians – and with Hope – was a notorious womaniser – shades of Bill Cosby.
Comedy does have elements of tragedy – and should be taken seriously because of these links which Americans seem to feed off – like a drug. Movies were designed to satisfy that craving – to which Americans are addicted. Movies were designed t4o satisfy that craving – as an escape from the mundane into a fantasy world.
Americans love to fear monsters – whether they be grizzly bears, bigfoot or King Kong. The movie had the desired element of suspense and horror as King Kong carried the pretty heroine to the top of the Empire State. Poor Kong had to die – even though he was a nice monster – and the girl who represented purity – had to be rescued unharmed. Later the Frankenstein monster did the same with a little extra horror. Heroines never died in American movies. Only the imitation villains died.
The vampire craze was a huge success because of Americans addiction to horror – apart from the addiction to sex. Edgar Allen Poe and Ambrose Bierce wrote repetitive variations on horrific theme – vampires for Poe and ghosts for Bierce. Bram Stoker wrote Dracula and Bella Lugosi starred in Nosferatu. Stephen King wrote probably the best contemporary horror novel – The Shining – which was adapted into a wonderful movie directed by Stanley Kubrick.
The movie – The Exorcist was based on the religious belief – particularly among Catholics – that people can be possessed by evil spirits – which need to be exorcised by intrepid priests – waving crucifixes. Evil, like monsters, needs to be vanquished in horror movies.
The Amityville Horror movie was based on reality. A murderous rampage did take place. Hollywood added the evil spirits.
Hollywood adapted comic strip characters – such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman – to the screen – using actors with not a lot of acting ability in repetitive action movies with lots of violence. They were American heroes – almost as real as John Wayne – big and imposing – who laconically beat the bad guys to pulp without raising a sweat.
Tastes became even more macabre with movies about living corpses – the living dead – who continued to lurch around after being riddled with bullets. It took more than brute force to destroy the undead. Zombies continue to be box office superstars to this day.
Away from the fake – Americans with a taste for violence enjoyed watching the fights. They enjoyed the fantasy of wrestling. Big, beefy guys, with bizarre names – wearing garish costumes, pretended to hurt each other – good guys to cheer nand bad guys to jeer – like what superman does to the bad guys in the movies – and just as real to the fans – so that fantasy and reality get mixed together to produce entertainment.
This love of violence was again catered for in the octagon where martial artists attempted to destroy each other – and someimes did. Brutality was extremely popular – and its exponents gained iconic status.
Americans were barely aware of the horrors of war. Their TV’s didn’t bother them with the truth – Those who knew and were involved in Desert Storm and the invasion of Iraq, were not permitted to share their experiences – and had to suffer from PTSD – and worse – in silence.
Americans may have thought that John Wayne’s Green Berets had won the war in Vietnam – so probably didn’t believe the truth.
They had little idea that Madeleine Albright – when Secretary of State – authorised sanctions that caused the death by starvation of half a million Iraqi civilians. Real horror. Hillary Clinton when Secretary of State authorised the use of Sarin gas so that President Assad could be blamed. Katherine Hepburn would never have approved.
Crime was real too – as an epidemic – and mental disorders were as commonplace as lies, disinformation and propaganda. Reality was being replaced with fantasy and sanity with insanity.
Ted Bundy was just one of numerous American bred psychopaths and murderers.
America has more prisons and prisoners per capita than any other nation Many inmates are illiterate gang members from ghettos – where life is a battle for survival.
Drug addiction is an escape from harsh reality into a half-world of fantasy.
Americans have become slaves to the artificial world created for them – deliberately – by their government – in collaboration with the media and Hollywood – and where the give and take of honest debate is verboten.